unny-Relax®'s background

Feeling deeply concerned with massage and daily well-being, we were looking for a tool which would allow us to relax, to soothe back and leg pain, alone or with somebody else, easily and with no effort.

So we tried almost all of the available tools on the market and we quickly became aware that none of them really satisfied our demand ! Even if most of them were pleasant, these tools were very often cumbersome, very specific and did not allow us to feel the real relaxation that a good massage generates.
So we took up the challenge : to conceive our own relaxation tool. And the Funny-Relax® was born !

We wanted to rediscover a soft and enveloping sensation, and also the tonic and dynamic sensation of hands which run all over the body. Using both hands is more efficient and pleasant. So the necessity to use both hands came to us.

We got inspired then from gestures made in « Chinese massage » (work on meridians), in « Shiatsu » (reflexology), « Californian massage » (enveloping gestures)…

We created the first Funny-Relax® very laboriously thanks to the help of a friend who knew better than us as far as wood and assembly were concerned…

Satisfied with our new creation and after having tested it on ourselves for quite some time, we decided to bring it to our customers to prepare them before their massage. We also shared the Funny-Relax® with all the people surrounding us : different people of all ages and physical conditions…


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